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the avenger

Sign Ups for Season #4

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The Sign up are open. we will have sign up run from Today and will close September 18th at 11:59.59 PM Eastern Standard Time. Please leave your Game name, The truck you are going to use and your teamspeak name as well. Also we are using V4 and Replica trucks so if its a replica please add the down load link with every thing else thank you. 





Discord : yourname#yournumber (example TheAvenger#6660)

Download link(if needed):



Trucks taken

1. The Avenger - Avenger (Rummel)

2. Chevy Evoultion- GMG

3. Seth - Max-d

4.Blake Thompson -Grave Digger 29

5. Jack Attack -Blue Thunder 2016

6. Alan E- Captains Curse 2007

7. Sava- Northern Nightmare 2014 ( OH CANADA!!!)

8. Sud- Digger 28 (yes there are two diggers this season i have Okayed this call)

9. Ryan Conner- King Krunch v2

10. Nathan Smith- Monster Energy 2015

11. A person-  A truck

12.  Max H- Soldier Fortune ---- maxhalpert#1580

13.  Michael Alford - Metal Mulisha

14. David123- Grave Digger the Legend V4

15. Captain Canada- Time Flys 2016

16. Trent   - Toxic

17.  DroppedSilver0 - Safe Auto V4--- DroppedSilver0#7053

18. Marty - Black smith 2002-2003

19. Josh G. El Toro Loco 

20. Frank Collins  Superman WF 14

21.Skyliner849          SUD 2016

22. Mark G  Barbarian 


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Name: Sava Dragojevic

Truck: Northern Nightmare

Discord: Sava Dragojevic#9411

Download link(if needed): 




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name: nathan smith 

truck:monster energy 2015 coty (will run the suv up untill wf then run the pickup version)

dont have a team speak i feel we should use discord as well

just in case, discord:nks1996



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