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RoR MT Pro Rule Book

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League Officials:
Chadwick Deerfoot ~ Founder, Owner, President, and Head Official
Michael Murray ~ Vice President and Assistant Official
Nicholas Kozak ~ Head of Security and Assistant Official
Devin Doss ~ Head of Social Media Relations and Back Up Official

Mark Colineri ~ Head of Videography and Back Up Official
Mason Runkle ~ Head of Photography and Back Up Official
Andrew Wamsley ~ Head of Whamboozaling and Master of Brackets
Jon Cannon ~ Server Guy

Overall League Rules:
All events held under the RoR MT Pro have an open arms policy when it comes to competing in events, which means no matter how many people show up, the events will take place as scheduled; unless there are unforeseen and/or extenuating circumstances. Also there's no having to qualify into events, nor do you have to keep track of a budget; this league is all about having more laid back, not quite so serious events.

The chat for all events will be held on the official RoR MT Pro Discord server. 

The drivers meeting will commence at pre-determined time that will be posted in each individual event thread. 
Said time is also the cut-off for you to join the chat to compete, if you join after the time stated you unfortunately will not be allowed to compete.

Once the driver's meeting has started, we ask that you refrain from posting and/or asking questions in the chat until we've gone over all the details from the event; we will be more than happy to answer questions after we've explained everything.

Please try to act decent during events. We don't mind you guys joking around in the chat, but try to keep it appropriate; anything we see as over the line will be dealt with. 

You must listen to the officials at all times, whether it's in-game or in the event chat. Blatantly ignoring league officials will result in point penalties and suspensions from races.

Please keep your in-game chat up at all times, as it is used to make calls while in game.

If you have a dispute against a call made during the event, message me or one of the other officials designated above privately on Discord and we as a group will investigate the matter. If we feel a mistake was made, the appropriate actions will be taken to correct it. If you try to deliberately delay any event because of a call not going your way (or for any other reason), you will be penalized accordingly.

Complaining about another competitor winning WILL NOT be tolerated, this includes accusing another competitor of hacking. We keep a watchful eye over everything, and if something seems amiss we'll take care of it. If you have actual evidence to back a claim of someone hacking, then you may contact an official and present your case; if we find what you show us to be valid, then appropriate actions will be taken. 

Rage quitting while in-game (no matter the reason) WILL NOT be tolerated.

Penalty Scale:
This is how the penalty structure works, and it's pretty simple. To use baseball terminology, it's 3 strikes and you're out.

First Offense ~ You will lose half of the points you earned from the event the offense occurred in, and you will be suspended for 1 event. If the first offense comes from outside of an event, then we will deduct half of the points you earned from the latest event ran and the 1 race suspension will be enforced for the next race on the schedule.

Second Offense ~ You will lose all points earned from the event the offense occurred in, and you will be suspended for 3 races. If the second offense occurs outside of an event, then we will deduct all of the points you earned from the latest event ran and the 3 race suspension will be enforced for the next 3 races on the schedule. 

Third Offense ~ You will be banned from the league.

There are also times where an instantaneous ban may be given out, but those are in extreme circumstances.

Overall Event Rules:
The call in system is very simple. For each race and freestyle, one of the designated officials will post who is to head in game. We will give you 1 minute to enter on the first call in, if you don't make in after that minute, the second call in will be made and you'll have another minute to make it in game.

Call in rules for round 1 of racing: If you don't make the call but your opponent does, then your opponent will get a bye run and vice versa. If neither of you make it in, your race will be dropped to the bottom of the bracket and we'll try to run it once all other races in the round have taken place. Now upon the 3rd and last chance call in, if neither driver makes it in then both drivers are scratched from the bracket.

Call in rules for rounds 2, 3, and 4: If you don't make the call, the person you beat in the previous round will be brought back to replace you, and that applies to both drivers in each match up. If the drivers that are being brought back don't make the call, then the race will be scratched from the bracket.

Call in rules for freestyle: Just like with racing, you will get 1 minute per call in to get in game; if you don't make it in after the 2nd call, your freestyle run will be skipped.

Once your race or freestyle is done, drive your truck off the track and then exit game; also make sure to shut your truck off before leaving. 

We WILL NOT re-run a race or freestyle run if you get a Skype call or an AIM message that pulls you out of game, so if your worried about this happening take the proper measures to make sure it doesn't occur.

Obey RII calls at all times.

GMTRS Racing Rules:
One tire penalties will be enforced, so make sure to hit the ramps properly; failing to do so will result in a 5 second penalty.

Don't cut the course, doing so will result in a disqualification.

Red light penalties will also be enforced, so make sure to only leave the line when you see the GO! given in chat; jumping the start will result in a disqualification.

GMTRS Freestyle Rules:
Don't slam into the walls, doing so will result in your run ending immediately.

Don't land in the stands, doing so will result in your run ending immediately.

MTC Racing Rules:
The 2 & 2 rule: Front 2 tires must make it up the ramp, and at least 2 tires must stay on whatever obstacle you're traversing. If you one tire any ramp, you will be given a 5 second penalty. If at any time 3 or more tires leave an obstacle that you're in the process of traversing, you will be disqualified.

The wall hit rule: On certain tracks, the walls are in close proximity to the finish line; in those cases, this rule will be enforced. If after crossing the finish line you make contact with the wall, you will be disqualified.

There will also be turning poles on some of the tracks, and hitting them will result in a 5 second penalty for each pole hit.

RoR MT Pro Truck Rules:
Denominations Of Trucks:
Replica ~ Must be an exact (or as close to exact as possible) replica of a real life truck.
Custom ~ Must be a 100% original truck, one that has never existed in real life (including the name).
Repli-Custom ~ Must be a custom version of a real life truck, and there must be major differences between it and the real life counterpart.

Truck Denominations Eligible For Each Series:
GMTRS ~ Custom and Repli-Custom
MTC ~ Replica, Custom, and Repli-Custom

Legal Truck Modificiations:
Modified and complete custom node beams.
Stiffening or softening the tires.
Adjusting the width of the axles.

Illegal Truck Modifications:
Modifying the engine settings and torque curve. (must be stock v4)
Changing the actual weight of the truck. (must be stock v4)
Changing the actual grip level of the tires. (must be stock v4) 

RoR MT Pro Points System: 
Driver Points:
Bracket Winner ~ 100 points
Runner-Up ~ 80
Semi-Final Loss ~ 60
2nd Round Loss ~ 40
1st Round Loss ~ 20
There is also a 10 point bonus available in both series (MTC ~ winning both brackets, GMTRS ~ winning both racing and freestyle)

Team Points:
Each week, the team with the highest average driver points total will receive the maximum amount of team points, the second highest average will get the second most, and so on. Only the top 10 teams in each event will score points, so if there are more than 10 teams competing the teams from 11th on down won't score any points.

Highest averaged total ~ 100
2nd highest total ~ 80
3rd highest total ~ 60

4th highest total ~ 50
5th highest total ~ 40
6th highest total ~ 30
7th highest total ~ 25
8th highest total ~ 20
9th highest total ~ 15
10th highest total ~ 10

We ask that all competitors (whether they be new to MTP or not) familiarize themselves with this rule book, and if you have any questions please post them below!  

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