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MTM2 Music Project

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Hi. Ever since I started playing guitar, this is something I have thought about doing for a long time. I have spoken about this with other members on Sim-Monsters and they said that this sounds like a good idea. Now it's time to put this idea into fruition as a fun side project. What is this project, you ask? Well it's very simple. TO TAB THE ENTIRE MONSTER TRUCK MADNESS 2 SOUNDTRACK!!


I know that currently there are musicians on Sim-Monsters so if you want to contribute to the project, feel free to get involved. I'd be happy to have you help out the cause. When contributing, there are some things you need to list.

1. The name of the song you tabbed.

2. What instrument did you tab? If it's guitar, is it rhythm or lead?

3. What tuning is it in?

4. What effects did you use?

5. The link to the tab.

Here's the youtube link to the user who has the entire soundtrack.


I think that this would be a fun project cause not only are we gonna finally figure out how the entire soundtrack was constructed, not only would it be fun to play live if you're in a band, but also it would be fun to play something that we all grew up with. So I really hope that in the future with the community's help, we can get this music project done and finally once and for all learn how to play the entire Monster Truck Madness 2 soundtrack.

Thank you!

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