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Mr. Self Destruct

V4 ReplicaAvenger (World Finals X)

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Avenger (World Finals X)


  • Jim Koehler ran this special paint of Avenger for the World Finals 10¬†in 2009.
  • This paint took home no trophies as Avenger lost in racing Round 1 against Brutus, and flipped his truck on the first jump in Freestyle.
  • The body is still run today for certain events, including Monsters at the Beach, but has not made a Monster Jam appearance since World Finals 10.

Me and @xyrose worked on this together, as I offered to clone the items that he edited. He released his version with blue headlights and deep pink shocks, swaybars, and driveshafts, basing it off of the Monsters at the Beach variant found at Allmonster.com. I'm basing mine off of his World Finals 10 appearance with green headlights, basic black shocks, swaybars, and driveshafts.

Not sure if this is a standalone or not, but if fernBurn's Avenger 2015 is, then this is. At least it should be. If you don't wanna risk it, place in the V4 pack.


  • Me - Cloning, headlight edits, .truck file edits
  • fernBurn - Prop placement, original truck
  • Andrew Sheets - Body
  • xyrose - Paint
  • Kozak - Chassis
  • Anyone I missed - everything else


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