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V4 CustomTakin' It Easy

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Takin' It Easy

After all the hard work i put into this truck and after 2 chassis changes its finally ready. i want to shout out a big thanks to chadwick for the paint on this body it looks amazing im not good with the descriptions on these downloads but i like to thank everyone who made parts that went on this truck.

Not an open custom, you can ask for permission but i will more than likely be using it.

Also it is stand alone for .4

it now has 4 wheel drive



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4 hours ago, BeanerMaster12 said:

hey this is like exactly rockgod s grave digger 19 but with differnet textures it even says rockgod88 in the authers

its not even close to rockgods 19 it says that because i used the truck file for the shock set up and im fixing the RWD only right now it was a mistake on my part

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