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Hagan Moskau

V4 CustomTop Gunner 2016

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Top Gunner 2016

Here is my brand new truck for custom leagues in the future. This truck is by far better than anything I've ever built. Boy, it handles like a champ. Kinda been a gift made for myself for graduating High School at just 10th Grade (First time anyone in my family has done). Thank you to everyone who helped me accomplish a dream I've always wanted to make. Enjoy!

Trucks included:

High Quality Truck (Mostly for show)

Low Quality Truck (Better used for competing or server use)

This truck is not an open custom. You must ask if you want to use it.

This truck is completely stand alone.


Me: Building, prop placements (Esp. 4-bars, swaybars and links), some paint modifications, and shock texturing

Will Meyer: Body paint

Andrew "Paper" Sheets: Body modeling

Edy Beltran: Shocks, body mapping

SM Community: Everything else



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3 hours ago, $m@$#3r2016 said:

Great Truck! A very interesting suspension setup so one question? Why is the truck so high off the ground. More so, higher than others?

Trust me. When you race with it, it handles very well.

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