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V4 ReplicaGrave Digger XX pack

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Grave Digger XX pack

Well here it is! The massive GD XX pack is finished! Really happy with it!

Has 18 trucks

GD 06 coils

GD 06 Qualifying NEW

GD 06

GD 07 Season

GD 07 WF

GD 08

GD 08 Black Roof NEW

GD 09

GD 10

GD Qualifying NEW

GD 11

GD 12 Season G

GD 12 Season P

GD 12 WF G

GD 12 WF P

GD 13

GD 07 WF Breakable

GD 13 Breakable



Blaise- Blender, NB, Making everything, paints, Textures, swaybars, other stuff....

Micah- Painting help!

Klayton- Shocks 

Mark- Setup

Steve- Body

Nick K- Chassis

Selfdestructer-GD06 roof logo, 2007 paint before edits

Everyone one on SM- stuff i can't think of...


Is a Standalone!!! .4 compatible.


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