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Joey B.

Help needed for STS.

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I'm going to try to start this league in early July. Maybe mid-May range. But I'll need some help with it. Here's what I think the important stuff I'll need is:

  • Judges for freestyle (Either one or two people will do)
  • Help host (be an official, call RIIs in fs etc. I got the time)
  • Organizing the schedule
  • Figuring out the points (How to get points in each event)
  • Help with making tracks (Don't ask me about making tracks. I'm horrible at making things in blender.)
  • ROR Server (I can't make it so I'll need somebody to help with it.

Miscellaneous things (Things that aren't as important but I would appreciate help with):

  • Recorder (I'd like to do something like MROR and post highlights. I'm not the best recorder so I'll need help)

Further information will be posted tomorrow (and maybe one thing today apart from this.) Message on this if you are willing to help with the league. It won't be starting for a while but I'll be having signups soon.

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37 minutes ago, Mr. Self Destruct said:

I can do:

  • Judge freestyle
  • Help host
  • Organize schedule (maybe?)
  • Points setup (maybe?)
  • Recording (maybe? if I can get the GUIs to go away)

I can't do:

  • Tracks

Alright. I'm getting a spreadsheet ready so I'll be getting information for it.

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