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season 1 information

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we will be using wich you can find here https://github.com/RigsOfRods/rigs-of-rods/releases. all events will be held on a tuesday.

REPLICA"S ONLY. you may not modify your truck. tracks will be a mix of custom and replica.

the thursday before each event i will create a separate sign up thread for that event. 

racing rules: when an official calls you in game you will have 2 minutes to get your truck and successfully spawn in

when both trucks are lined up an official will ask rdy? once both drivers have confirmed that they are ready there will be a quick RED GREEN. if you cut corners or jump the light you will get a DQ not the ice cream place lol

freestyle rules: when an official calls you in you will have 2 minutes to spawn in game. you will have 1 minute and thirty seconds plus thirty seconds of bonus. there will be three judges plus one bonus judge

be realistic, if i find something un-realistic we will rii you and your run will be over, example: if you do two tom meents saves in a row straight into a backflip land on your roof save it and keep going you will be rii'd.

that's pretty much it so i hope you enjoy monster all stars!

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