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Atlanta 2014 Fun Run @ 7:00 PM EST 11/18/16

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Track: Atlanta 2014

Link: http://sim-monsters.com/index.php?/files/file/2275-4-atlanta-2014-fps/


  • The Discord chat link will be provided
  • The Fun Run is being hosted on 4.0
  • The maximum amount of drivers is eight
  • For trucks, I'll have a list below on the trucks that can be chosen. I recommend that you pick a truck that suits your driving style
  • If you're called in and you don't join the server, you'll be given two minutes to re-enter the server. If you don't re-enter the server, your opponent will get a bye run. If in freestyle, you'll be skipped
  •   During racing, the racers will be called in from the Discord chat
  • I'll be in the server at all times, calling the winners. Once the race is completed, the racers will be asked to leave the server
  • Freestyle will be two minutes each truck, no bonus time
  • RII's will be in play. If you don't shut your truck off five seconds after an RII is called on you, your run will be voided
  • I'll be calling people one by one into the server for freestyle
  • No hacksaving or backspacing. If you flip, your run is done
  • No redo's of runs. On certain occasions, I'll allow a redo if you lag/don't move when I say "GO!" If you do the exact same of those two after the redo, you're opponent will move on
  • No arguing in the chat. If your run sucked, then your run sucked. If you flipped over during racing, you flipped over during a race
  • Don't argue with me if you think I made a bad call. Deal with it
  • Have fun 


Truck list:









Signups should look like this:

Name: Trevor Hellings

Discord Name: Trevor Hellings

Truck: Maximum Destruction

Lineup: Maximum Destruction driven by Trevor Hellings, Grave Digger driven by Skyliner849, El Toro Loco driven by Joey B, Mr. Destruction driven by Rocco Piergrossi, Rage driven by AvengerBen, Power Forward driven by Jackson Brammer, Superman driven by Blasier Zantinge and Avenger driven by Mat White!

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