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Mark Colineri

"Everything That Doesn't Belong In The SYP Thread" Thread

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Show Your Projects has been continually less of showing off projects and continually more of showing your ego and/or just whining. I'd like to keep that thread free of all the garbage because I don't want to dig through 3 pages of junk to see a project that is actually posted. So, that is where this thread comes in. If you have something to say about a project that isn't criticism, post it here. Literally post in here everything that we don't want to see in Show Your Projects, just follow the site rules and I personally guarantee that you won't be punished for doing something in this thread that you would be for doing so in other threads, because I made this with the exact intent of some members just marking this as read and never having to look at it. 

Have fun.

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this is like when the teacher makes you do an assignment and then leaves the room and you start messing around with your friends writing stupid questions 

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Just now, Jon Cannon said:

string lunch

I was gonna say f-ing punch but that's something inappropriate for the internet <3

so here's your sing bunch


btw I hate hanson so no one has the right to call me gay

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