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Jackson 🅱

Tutorial: Sidewalls and Over the hoods.

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This is a tutorial mainly  directed towards newbies to RoR Monster Jam. I will be guiding you through how to successfully perform 2 of the most common saves that happen during a freestyle.

1: The "over the hood save". One of these saves for example is the first save Damon Bradshaw did in his run at Foxboro in 2015. So think of your truck flipping upside down, when this happens hit the throttle to try and get the wheels to start turning as you are flipping. Once the wheels have hit the ground Tap lightly on the throttle until the truck is nose down. once it is LIGHTLY tap the throttle once so the truck will come back around and on to 4 wheels.

2: "sidewalls". if you do not know what a sidewall is, it is when the truck saves itself off of 2 side wheels. Many people who go into a sidewall have hit the rear steer and front steer at the same time. Doing that will make the truck flip instantly. in order to save the truck when its on 2 wheels, get off the throttle for 1 second, then using only the front steering hit the throttle and that at the same time but do not go full throttle. Going full throttle could send the truck airborne causing it to flip. if your truck goes into a circle on 2 wheels when trying to save it hit the throttle on and off and eventually the truck should come back onto 4 wheels.

I hope that this helped some of you guys who were having trouble with your saves. Message me if you need anymore help.

if you would like to see different racing tutorials they are on my youtube channel: JBR2016 Productions.

Happy driving!

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55 minutes ago, NolanW. said:

Hey Jackson i checked out your you tube channel and i love the Donald Trump says China because I've heard I do a pretty good Donald Trump impression

Haha, thanks man. took some editing to get that done.

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