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Mr. Self Destruct

Atlanta 2014 Fun Run, 12/17/16 @ 3:00 PM EST

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Trying again. Last fun run was pretty successful. I couldn't get good footage so it had to be scrapped. If you are an official and would like to record, then please let me know before the event!


  • Server will be provided. We are not using Avrintech.
  • Run on 0.4.6. You can get it from rigsofrods.org.
  • Discord server will also be provided at the bottom of this post.
  • Maximum of 12 trucks. You may pick any truck as long as it's standalone.
  • Qualifying opens at 3 PM EST the day of the event. It will close at 4, and the event will begin at 4:30. If you are not in the Discord chat by 4:30, you will not compete at all! If you don't follow the EST time zone, Google can convert it for you.


  • WRA style qualifying. One player racing, make the best pass you can to get the best time. If you flip, you receive a 99.999. If you one tire, 5 seconds will be added.
  • To qualify, simply ask me in the Discord and you will be invited to the server. If you do not qualify by 4:30, you will be given a 99.999.


  • You and your opponent will be called in from the Discord chat to race. You will have 2 minutes to get in game.
  • If you do not get in game within 2 minutes your opponent will have a bye run. If you both don't make it in your race will be scratched from the bracket.
  • RII's are in play. If you flip, your opponent wins.
  • One tiring and clipping cars will add 5 seconds to your pass.
  • Red lighting will result in an automatic loss.


  • You will have 2 minutes to get in game once called from the Discord chat.
  • Your run will consist of a 2 minute time, no bonus time. Give us the best run you possibly can.
  • RII's are in play. If you flip, you are done. If you pull an unrealistic move, depending on the intensity, you will be either given a refire or you will be done.
  • Your score will be given by 3 judges scoring out of 10- maximum is a 30.
  • Time starts first hit. We will not ask you if you are ready, as you will start on your own.

Discord: https://discord.gg/FHCUZbM

Track: http://sim-monsters.com/index.php?/files/file/2275-4-atlanta-2014-fps/


Ban List:

  • david123
    • Blatant disrespect to officials, 3 events



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