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New to RoR and not sure how to play with others...

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Most people don't run 0.37 for events anymore. Almost everyone's upgraded to 0.4. But the way it works is that there is usually a sign up page for every league. It'll ask your Discord name and AIM, and your truck to run the league with. Some leagues are different, with some having qualifying sessions, some having a budget to maintain, some with general themes in their events. On the day of the scheduled event, you post your truck name if it's required and you'll be able to compete. You can join the Discord chat so the host can organize the event. After that it's competing against others in racing and freestyle.

Most leagues will schedule about 10 events and a World Finals conclusion. There will most likely be a points system based on your placing on the racing bracket and freestyle score for every given event. Some leagues have the top x amount of people in points automatically qualify into the World Finals, and the rest will qualify in.

Its really not complicated. It's all a matter of having the right software and knowing how to play Rigs of Rods. If you have anymore questions, ask the league hosts as they can give you a 100% complete rundown of the process.

Hope to see you soon! Welcome to Sim Monsters!

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On 12/12/2016 at 0:11 AM, AdvanceDynamics91 said:

Thanks! It's much appreciated.

what i would do is get 39.3 because it supports everything and looks amazing. You dont have to convert anything.

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