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Truck:Bad Habit


fill in's driver

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A new era in monster truck simulations began with the very first unofficial event at Sam Boyd Stadium, in racing almost every race came down to the wire with the Finals pitting #10 seed Bad News who was the giant killer coming into the race against #1 seed Maximum Destruction. It would be Max D pulling out the victory in one of the closest races of the night. In Freestyle, the story seemed to be that the drivers could not handle the large objects at the Vegas track. Only 2 of the 16 drivers would fill the clock and it would come down to a tie breaker between Bounty Hunter, Stone Crusher, and Captain's Curse. But with Bounty Hunter and Captain's Curse both only scoring 8's as their highest score, Stone Crusher took the victory with a 9 as his highest score.

Offical Results:


-Round 1-

#1 Maximum Destruction def #16 Bounty Hunter

#2 Grave Digger def #15 Bulldozer

#3 Tropical Thunder def #14 Mopar Magic

#4 Captain's Curse def #13 Blacksmith

#5 War Wizard def #12 Cowboy

#6 Stone Crusher def #11 Taurus

#10 Bad News def #7 Bad Habit

#8 Gunslinger def #9 Blue Thunder

-Round 2-

#1 Max D def #8 Gunslinger

#10 Bad News def #2 Grave Digger

#4 Captain's Curse def #5 War Wizard

#3 Tropical Thunder def #6 Stone Crusher (Race of the Night)

-Semi Finals-

#1 Max D def #4 Captain's Curse

#10 Bad News def #3 Tropical Thunder


#1 Max D def #10 Bad News


Truck -- Score-Tie Break

Stone Crusher -- 24-9

Bounty Hunter -- 24-8

Captain's Curse -- 24-8

Blue Thunder -- 21

Bad News -- 20

Gunslinger -- 19

Tropical Thunder -- 19

Grave Digger -- 19

Maximum Destruction -- 17

Bulldozer -- 16

Mopar Magic -- 13

War Wizard -- 12

Blacksmith -- 9

Cowboy -- 6

Taurus -- 4

Bad Habit -- DNS


Race of the Night: Tropical Thunder vs. Stone Crusher

Racing Winner: Maximum Destruction

WOW Factor: Grave Digger one wheel walk down the big air ramp

Freestyle Winner: Stone Crusher

Thanks to all that showed up and everyone who helped, it couldn't have been done without you. For those of you who couldn't race we hope to see you next Sunday

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I had i lot of fun, thanks to Casey and LF and everyone else who helped!

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So I almost tied for the FS win lol? Not bad for going out like 2nd..

Had some fun, first time I've ran ROR in a League so I did solid. Had Max D beaten had I not hit the center ramp and had to lift. But oh well. Always next time.

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Yea just proves how much filling the clock is in freestyle, the thing that amazed me was how quick it went, I think the first race was a little before 9 and freestyle finished at 11, You guys really made it easy on us getting right in game and lining up quick

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Awesome, I got race of the night and the freestyle win! Had a lot of fun. Great event you guys put on! Cant wait till the start of the season

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