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Name: Venom

Body: Chevrolet Silverado

Chassis: Vengeance motorsports







Additional info:

okay so i gave it my best to try and insert the images the way the forum wants me to and nothing would work so please click on the links or check out the teams page on Facebook for more in depth images. im hoping someone would like to tackle this build in hopes that i can show Denver Echternkamp to further motivate him for next season. ive personally worked on this truck during the Lima and Indianapolis 4 wheel jamboree and it was an all out blast! for those of you who have attended those events may remember us breaking down ...alot. you may notice the intake breather is a giant filter as apposed to a bug catcher like most if not all monsters use! reason why i hate that? mud in the intake is a B**ch to clean out... anyways if someone tackles this it would be highly appreciated. 2016 was Venoms debut year and Denver managed to get the rookie of the year award! also if i may add the bead locks/ wheel designs are one of a kind design that Denver designed himself. not sure if you can apply that to a build but every little detail counts :) any questions feel free to ask.  



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no offence but i kinda laughed when you guys and bigfoot pushed it off track by hand hope it runs better this year cant wait to see who makes it 

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