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Preston Perez

Results - East Rutherford 2015 - 3/4/17

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Mr. Destruction (Marty Hussey) ~ 22.09
Grave Digger (Zach Nicholas) ~ 22.21
El Toro Loco (Preston Pérez) ~ 22.45
Pirate's Curse (Joey Burgy) ~ 22.59
Battle Beast (Austin Hopkins) ~ 23.19
Son-uva Digger (Zach Romig) ~ 23.39
Monster Energy (Marcelo Mendoza) ~ 23.54
Madusa (Joe McLain) ~ 26.11
Time Flys (Jonah Ecker) ~ 27.73
Prowler (Shane Roediger) ~ 28.33
Gas Monkey Garage (Kristen Hope) ~ 33.20
Max-D Maximum Destruction (Dylan Rothmann) - DNF
Overkill Evolution (Treven Valderrama) ~ DNF
Metal Mulisha (Matthew Trahan) ~ DNF

Mr. Destruction (Marty Hussey) def. Madusa (Joe McLain)
Pirate's Curse (Joey Burgy) def. Battle Beast (Austin Hopkins)
Grave Digger (Zach Nicholas) def. Monster Energy (Marcelo Mendoza)
El Toro Loco (Preston Pérez) def. Son-uva Digger (Zach Romig)

Mr. Destruction (Marty Hussey) def. Pirate's Curse (Joey Burgy)
Grave Digger (Zach Nicholas) def. El Toro Loco (Preston Pérez)

Mr. Destruction (Marty Hussey) def. Grave Digger (Zach Nicholas)

Time Flys (Jonah Ecker) ~ 26
Max-D Maximum Destruction (Dylan Rothmann) ~ 25
Prowler (Shane Roediger) ~ 25
Metal Mulisha (Matthew Trahan) ~ 22
Gas Monkey Garage (Kristen Hope) ~ 15
Overkill Evolution (Treven Valderrama) ~ 9

Battle Beast (Austin Hopkins) ~ 30
Mr. Destruction (Marty Hussey) ~ 29
El Toro Loco (Preston Pérez) ~ 28
Grave Digger (Zach Nicholas) ~ 28
Madusa (Joe McLain) ~ 27
Prowler (Shane Roediger) ~ 24
Gas Monkey Garage (Kristen Hope) ~ 21
Time Flys (Brandon Scalf) ~ 19
Max-D Maximum Destruction (Dylan Rothmann) ~ 18
Pirate's Curse (Joey Burgy) ~ 17
Son-uva Digger (Zach Romig) ~ 17
Metal Mulisha (Matthew Trahan) ~ 13
Monster Energy (Marcelo Mendoza) ~ 12
Overkill Evolution (Treven Valderrama) ~ 8

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