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23 minutes ago, Pink Guy said:

I mean it's exploded on social media, but I imagine this is a double edged sword because now that's gonna be his thing much like how the McTwist is Cam's move and people will want to see it recreated

Not to mention Ramer and Mahon tried a McTwist, as did Cam for the 2nd year in a row. That shows you how viral that move got.

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I just got home from my Vegas to Toronto red-eye flight. I might have gotten an hour of sleep, there was lots of turbulence all the way home. 

Anyway. The vegas show was incredible. I'm still in disbelief at how crazy it was. The racing both nights was so intense. I've never seen a monster truck show close to that caliber, and for my first WF show I think i got pretty lucky. Like someone else said the energy at the show is just awesome. Everyone around you is just so friendly and talkative. Each time something cool happens its like a whole new party. Would I go and do the Double Down all over again? Hell yeah. I'm going back for sure. 

I'll have pics ready later on today. 

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