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Mr. Self Destruct

Blender 2.49b running extremely slow for no reason


The problem started on either Thursday or Friday. I opened up Blender, and this is what happened upon startup:

  1. The Python console took slower to load than usual.
  2. When the Blender window opened, it took forever to load the startup UI.
  3. When it finally loaded the UI, it took forever to get the introduction image off of the screen (the thingy with the alien or whatever).
  4. Keep in mind here that only a cube was showing, but when I zoomed out/in or moved the camera around, after about 5 seconds of doing so, Blender would freeze and stop functioning for 30 seconds. This happened about every 10 seconds and it became really frustrating.

I scanned for and deleted the virus that was on my computer. Nothing changed. I uninstalled, restarted, and then reinstalled, many times. Nothing changed. I uninstalled junk programs that may have been causing a slowdown. Still, nothing changed. The Python console didn't even show any signs of what could be causing a slowdown. I'm going to defragment my computer but I'm not sure if that'll help. Any answers before I do so?

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