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Screenshot of the Week!

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Hey all! I've been inspired recently and decided to create a "Screenshot of the Week!" thread. The idea is simple, I pick a track each week, and you all post your best picture on that track with any truck you like, I'd rather they be just screenshots with no editing, but if you want edit them, you can. I won't complain seeing the amazing pictures. Now, every Monday or Tuesday I'll announce the "Screenshot of the Week!" and it will be edited into this original post, and changed out accordingly each week. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

To be considered into winning the "Screenshot of the Week" You may only post 1 Screenshot. If you post anymore than one, your submission will not be considered.

Please keep conversations out of the topic please. If you'd like to talk to someone about something? Keep it to the PM's.


If you have any questions, look through this topic it's very well written and can definitely help you improve your screenshot game. -> 

I'm looking for well taken, well thought out, beautiful pictures. Online name tags, blocky textures, and poorly taken photos are just a bad look on the person who takes the photo.

Keep all of this in mind when taking photos when you want to win! 

Most importantly BE CREATIVE! It's the easiest way to win!

Winners Plaque



Week 13: 2015 Houston FS1


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il get this started! Coty in Monster Energy hitting the backflip successfully to keep going in freestyle!


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Completely fictional.

Photo finish! Tyler Menninga in Blue Thunder overcomes BJ Johnson in Gas Monkey Garage and wins Racing!!!


Gas Monkey flips into the stands after the final race.


Blue Thunder tears it up in freestyle with big air...


and a slap wheelie!!!


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6 minutes ago, ShawnVallance said:

Hope I'm not too late with my contribution...

Nope, submissions are accepted until 12:00am Monday morning 4/3/17

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