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Changin name for truck

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33 minutes ago, Medalwarrior215 said:

Wait every time I change a name to a truck and exit out of notepad it goes back to the original truck name I don't get it help me please 

You have to save it once you make a change.. 

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21 minutes ago, Medalwarrior215 said:

I do save it then it brings me to my files and I don't know where to put it 

*Lots of Pics incoming*


Once you change the name to something you want it to be, click save.

It will bring you to this window.


Then, you see a Drop down bar and the name of the file towards the bottom.


if you want to overwrite the original file, don't change the name of the file, just add .truck to the end of it. if you want it the be a separate vehicle, change the name of the file to what you want, just remember to add .truck to the end.


(I know the pics look a little backwards, I went out of the order on steps but that doesn't matter) then, click the drop down bar and click "All Files".


Once it looks like this


Go ahead and save to the desktop, then, drag the new .truck into the .zip of the truck you were changing the name of, that should do it. Hope it helps 

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8 hours ago, Medalwarrior215 said:

Thanks it worked

I don't mean to be an arse, but seriously don't post more than once. I know I'm not an admin or anything and I don't have any authority but seriously if you want to say more than one thing, edit your post.

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