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Tom Deents

Potential iRacing Fun-Race This Week (of 7/16)

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Hey all, I'm considering hosting an iRacing session this week (Thursday night probably) with a unique car-track combination, and wanted to see if any of you were interested before going forward.

The track would be the Las Vegas Road Course Short (entirely flat, 3/4 mile) (Late Afternoon) with the cars being the NASCAR Silverado circa 2013 and the NASCAR Whelen Modified . It'd be a 40 lap race, with a competition caution being thrown lap 20 (so I'd really set the lap count to 43ish I guess), leading to 20 more laps to the finish. Besides that one, only local yellows, and the setup would be Open. Thoughts?




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I'll bite since no one else has. I'm interested, but I don't have Vegas and I don't see the point in buying it since it's not coming up in any of the series I race. I'd suggest using only content included with a subscription.

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