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Josh Gajewski

Sunday 4/1/18 New Orleans 2018 April Fools Bash

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Okay Boys didnt have time for this last night so ya overall had a few hiccups which werent to bad an well we had 16 show up for racing so we ended up not doing 2wheel skill unfortunately. Just wanted everything to go a lil smoother an having 2wheel would have caused some issues i didnt wanna deal with. So we saw Alex Lindgren aka Voth in SUD take home Racing over Nick aka Florida boy in Grave Digger an in Freestyle we saw Joshwa Tavarez aka Starks take home the win in the Black Pearl!!!

https://challonge.com/NewOrleans2018AprilFoolsBash this was the racing bracket if you want to take a look

Freestyle scores below

Son-Uva Digger 6.134 MaxD - 8.135 Metal Mulisha - 8.802 WildFlower - 8.546 EL Toro Loco - 8.371 King Krunch - 8.594 Gas Monkey Garage - 8.259 Jester - 7.149 BigFoot - 8.310 Overbored - 6.321 Pirates Curse - 8.873 Black Pearl - 9.276 Winner Whiplash - 8.986 Avenger - 8.850 Grave Digger The Legend - 8.792 Mutant - 8.687 Grave Digger - 9.133

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