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Drags are now a thing in MTM2

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What the title suggests. The MTM1 drag system which for whatever reason was never re-introduced into MTM2, has now made a comeback thanks to Fila and this new patch.


Not everything is in place just yet, things like the tournament style/The Draw screen system is yet to be implemented, but the actual drag races are in fact working, just need to iron out some bugs beforehand and not to mention the weird backdrop effects in MTM1 stadium drags.

Just make sure you have the latest Community Patch #2 as well as the Beta Patches, namely Beta 0.41 & Beta 0.42, which can be downloaded from the MTM2 forum.

Have fun playing around with it!

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Well, it was with a reason actually, why would someone would spent time modding the game to reintroduce this old feature?


The real reason behind this is that he found the in MTM2 code he discovered that the drag from MTM1 was in there intact, so he just bring it back with some "simple" coding

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