Well we are just about two weeks out of the first event for NAMT, so with that I am opening team sign-ups.   Just so everyone keeps being reminded of it, you can check out the truck modification rules in the rule book or just read this post here:   Here is a blank sign-up for everyone to follow: Team Name: Team Headquarters (Optional): Discord (Team Captain): Driver 1 (Captain): Truck 1 (Captain): Driver 2: Truck 2: ... Driver 6: Truck 6:   IF YOU DO NOT FILL THIS OUT PROPERLY, YOUR SIGN-UP WILL BE DELETED! Teams are to be between 2-6 members. A full list of team sign-ups can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1H6fYAvcg8DTJnSBH9IAmlmirykpT5GRWm1-evbmqBbE/edit#gid=1616645855 Any questions regarding team sign-ups, rules, or the league in general can be asked in the Q&A thread here: Team members are final once they qualify into, and compete in an event!