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Casey Graves

Season 2 Rules and Format

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1. Pay attention to officials throughout the entire event in AIM chat and especially ingame

2. RII's will be called on any flip, wall bump, hard hit or unrealistic hit, depending on the officials discretion you may be able to continue. Failure to RII will result in penalization in score and possible suspension from the league

3. Freestyles must be realistic to a point, as in if you feel that a move wouldn't really happen in real life then it probably wont be allowed in RoR, moves that Officials deem too unrealistic will result in a point deduction.

4. In racing and qualifying you have 1 min and 30 seconds to get in game, the only exception is if you are having a problem with your game, during qualifying we may be backed up and when you ask to qual you may not be able to go right then, if you are going to step away from your computer please make sure I know so I don't call you in and wait for you.

5. All officials decisions are final, arguing is not going to get you anywhere. We had alot of problems with this last season with people arguing that they beat someone even though RoR shows the person you are racing about a second behind on your screen.

6. If you flip your truck at any point in the racing portion of the event be it during or after the race then you will be done for the racing portion of the event.

7. After your race is complete do not go into a freestyle or anything unless you are the winner of the final round

8. Also after the race please shut your truck off before you leave because if you don't it will leave an engine sound for everyone in game, it really isn't appreciated when this happens

"Locked-In Procedure":

Replica - Any driver inside the Top 12 in points from last season is locked into the first 3 weeks of racing, after the 3rd race any driver inside the Top 12 in points before that race will be locked in.

Custom - This will use the same procedure as the Replica series but the first 2 races will not have any drivers locked in, and after the 2nd race we will use the Top 12 in points as the locked in drivers.


Qualifying - To Qualify you will need to send an AIM message to whoever is doing qualifying, The person running qual will post their AIM name in the race thread. The Top 20 (Including drivers locked into the field) will move into that nights events. If someone cannot race for whatever reason the next fastest driver outside of the field will take their spot.

Drivers Meeting/AIM Chat - This is mandatory for all drivers competing in that nights events, If you miss the drivers meeting you will not race unless you get in touch with me before the race.

Racing - Drivers will be called into the game through AIM Chat. The person who qualified lower has lane choice unless they came back as a fast loser. When you get all lined up you will post "rdy" in chat, and once both drivers are readied an official will post "GO" in chat. The winning drivers truck name will be posted in chat, then both drivers will shut off their engines and exit.

Freestyle - 1 min 30 second runs with a 30 second bonus time, regulation is a maximum of 30 with an extra 5 points available in bonus time

Points Structure:


Finals Win - 30

Finals Loss - 25

Semi-Finals Loss - 20

Round 3 Loss - 15

Round 2 Loss - 10

Round 1 Loss - 5

Fast Qualifier - 5 Bonus Pts


Regulation - Scores out of 30

Bonus - Score out of 5

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