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World Finals Custom Freestyle ONLY

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I haven't requested a track in a long while so I thought I try this out and see who will make this for me??


Name: World Finals Freestyle Custom

Venue: Sam Boyd Stadium

Racing Style: none but in real life J-Hook

Replica or Custom: Custom

Date Ran: N/A

Images/Graphics: http://www.mediafire.com/file/mdlgc8npf5e0fkd/DZF8nBlVQAAC8ws.jpg 

Other details: Where all the Yellow is, change that color to White, and make another version so there's two tracks, One with all the paint on the track, the other where all the paint has come off the track but add more to the track, on the left side lane add a Green Car, Black Van and White Car stack. On the right side lane add a Smash able RV and inside the Fountain put another RV but with logo's of Team Scream on it. and add a Double Back flip Wall in the middle like the Encore at this year's WF for both track parts. 

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