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7/25/18 Fun Run [TODAY]

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We will be trying a few new things with this fun run. Since we are going to be running custom tracks we will run one today and see how it goes. I will also be hosting the event on my own so I will be the only judge and will be calling all races and not be competing which is something I know a lot of people have been wanting. Come out and have some fun tonight at 7 pm est. The first 14 people to sign up will be locked in and any after will be fill ins. Brackets will be randomized as well as the freestyle order. 

Track: Atlanta SMRA
Track Link: 

Read all Rules before competing in this event


1. Respect all officials at all times
2. Get in and out of the server as quick as possible
3. Respect all other players in the Discord chat
4. No Discord chat spam

Event Chat Opens - 7:00 pm est
Event Starts once everyone is in the Discord chat

Sign Ups:
When signing up you must use your real name as well as chose a replica truck.
Example sign up:
Name - Julian Baumann
Truck - Avenger
Discord Name - Julian Baumann#9781
Truck Link - 

Live Results: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TWyY8EnexYb4_5SEstXQn2xDLRu7wDgT8AU1XPJ0O08/edit?usp=sharing

Any questions can be sent to me on Discord at Julian Baumann#9781

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Zach Steele

Stone Crusher

Zach Steele#6028

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15 minutes ago, monsterjamfan344 said:

name: torrin thorp

truck: Avenger retro



discord: Torrin#2733

Must be a replica

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