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Overbored (1972 C-10 body)

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The newest bodystyle Jamey Garner is running on his Overbored truck.

  • Name: Overbored
  • Body: 1972 Chevy C-10
  • Chassis: Cohen
  • Engine: 540 Merlin by Richard Midgette
  • Paint (images of color/graphics): latest?cb=20180703214657
  • Other details: Xunlexrod's Zoomie soundpack, a version with Ukraine tires and another with BKT's. Make for 0.4+ please.

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3 hours ago, KingPrime said:

Stimson122 already made the truck its not released yet.

It will be released eventually, unless someone else releases a better one first. Laptop problems right now so that’s put everything on hold abit. Once I got my new setup I’m going to start releasing some of the trucks.

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