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Kevin Poore's Project X

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Name: Project X 

Body: Custom Roll Cage 

Chassis: Either CRD or PEI Chassis 

Paint: Green or Sliver 

Tires: GY15 Tires (GYTireJohn texture) 


Note: I'm not able to insert the pictures of the Truck due to them being too big in size. If you don't know what this truck looks like, Search "Project X monster truck Kevin Poore" and look on Images. There's plenty of images of the truck to get a good idea on what the truck looks like. Hopefully this truck can be made because I think it looks really cool. 


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If you convinced @Outlawed to make the chassis someone could probably do it rather easily seeing as the "body" is only bits of lexan, doesn't require a body or paint scheme. 

Also just for future reference, you have to upload your images to an image sharing site such as imgur and then copy the image address and paste it into the text window on the forum. The site doesn't have enough bandwidth to host everyone's images which is why it has a small maximum upload size. 

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I had it on my list but since i couldn't do a good chassis for it i gave up. Saw this truck in 2008 live and its a badass one, though.

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