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Sim Monsters
Chris B

Show Your Projects Chapter 65

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6 hours ago, Chazzymp said:


Dang how many SYP threads have I missed?! Took a short(long)break learning to be a crew cheif. But made it a goal to return to the community(instead of just lurking) and work on trucks at the same time. Stay tuned!

Thanks to @Chris B for screenshot because I couldn't take one on the road 

Looks awesome! Is it hard to make trucks on the road? I’ve been wanting to learn but last time I tried I couldn’t get blender to work on my computer lol 

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28 minutes ago, Calvin Klein said:

*Useless post to get attention*

And do you think anyone would care? No, they won't. You need to learn how to do proper forum etiquette as well.

Anyhows regarding the Predator truck pack, I'm very impressed with how they look so far, so keep up the great work on them!

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51 minutes ago, Calvin Klein said:

If there is no ProMT Predator Monster Truck I'm not downloading it.

Is this what you wanted?


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