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[TRACK] Back to School Bash (Charlotte, NC) 2019

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[TRACK] Back to School Bash (Charlotte, NC) 2019

Name: Back to School Bash (Charlotte, NC) 2019

Venue: The Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway

Racing Style: Circuit/Charlotte Style/Crossover (there isn't a formal name for the style)

Replica or Custom: Replica

Date Ran: August 17th, 2019

Images/Graphics: There are images/graphics all over social media. Allmonster.com will have photos up soon as well as multiple other monster truck websites. If you need anything else, contact me on Discord (I am in the official Sim-Monsters server with the same username).

Other details: The track is simple, but at the same time an incredible track. The racing style never fails to amazing. Racing begins with 2 rollers in a side-by-side drag style (with a bus jammer in between), that continues to hit a small ramp after then another ramp with cars in (with a jack rabbit in between). The racing style continues on as the trucks separate and eventually join back in a crossover jump (one truck goes over while the other goes under). The truck that goes under will then hit a jump (somewhat a double), while the truck that went over comes off the ramp and goes down the track (around a van/car dirt stack) in a u-turn, where both trucks meet side-by-side once again on the frontstretch of the dirt track. Each truck takes another lap then drag race to the finish line.

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