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Anaheim 2020 Test Event - Feb. 5th, 2020

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Hello all! I am planning on hosting a Fun Run on Wednesday February 5th as a way to test out some ideas I had for running future events

The event will be held on the new Anaheim 2020 track and we will be doing ONLY  Racing & Freestyle and the event will be held in my discord server

We will have qualifying starting at 6:30pm EST and it will close at 7:30 est. The top 16 times from qualifying will compete 
The event will be held in my discord server linked below

Live Event Sheet


You will have 2 minutes to get into game and line up for your race, you will be pinged when your race is up 
Drivers will be asked to ready up in chat and once both drivers are ready GO will be typed into chat

Anything done in real life is aloud
If your RII'ed shut off your truck, failure to do so will result in end of run 

2 minutes clock 


Scoring is going to be done by you all. If your in game and saw the run you can score, I will be taking the first 5 scores I see in out of 10 and averaging that to get the score of the freestyle run. I want to see how this would work in a ROR event setting to see if its something we could do in the future for events. 

Signing up should look like this (Look at what is taken before you sign up) Only one Digger, MaxD etc.


Truck Link 





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