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ScrapyardEl Paso Sun Bowl 2020 (MaxDMan)

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El Paso Sun Bowl 2020 (MaxDMan)

2020 El Paso Sun Bowl model. 

The .blend file comes with three sky boxes, one for day, one for sun set, and one for night.  There are also two mountain textures in the .blend, one lighter colored one for day, and a darker one for night.  The idea here was to give the option for a day show (deleted light flare from the light poles, day time sky box, and lighter texture mountain backdrop) and a sun setting/night time show (light flares on light poles, sun set sky box or night sky box, and darker colored mountain backdrop).  Since all 3 sky boxes and 2 mountain backdrops are in the same .blend, just move over the appropriate ones to surround the stadium and delete the ones you don't need. Simple.

Also when exporting, make sure you change the properties of the transparent textures in the .material file.  The .png image files that need a transparent code are as follows:










The size and scale of the model may be slightly off since I didn't model a track to help with a size reference so a slight scale change may be necessary.

Credits: Me, Klayton


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