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Truck: Mopar Magic

AIM: greenygoleafs@yahoo.ca

Email: greenygoleafs@yahoo.ca

Im excited to run in this! Ive seen a few MTMers that I remember around here.. I remember just looking at the NTNT website and wishing I had discovered that part of MTM2 in time to run in it lol but it never came back. All the coverage and organization behind this league kinda reminds me of that old NTNT page, I love it good work I wish I found this sooner and I think it's awesome that all the MODs are taking the time to include all the fine details that make it as fun and realistic as possible for all of us, kudos!

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Truck : Brutus

Aim : RavenAii

Email : eviethabest85@yahoo.com

but why the grave digger and max d is unavailable??

just asking

Because they're taken already, just like Brutus is; READ the first post in this thread before you sign up please.

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