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PM Customs    496

Figured this would be a good place to dump these. :lol: I did all these in Photoshop and most involve the use of a lot of filters. Some of these are kinda big, so yeah...


There's the first one. It's just a sword I did one morning waiting for my college class to start.


A smoking ace of spades with the Motorhead logo on it.


Confederate flag. If you didn't know, I am southern and proud of it.


Just a graphic I did one day when I was bored. Kinda going for a military feel for it.


And lastly, my most recent. Not really my style but I think it turned out awesome.

Edit: I forgot these. I did them for Steve Parry's RC racing league. They were meant for T shirts


That's the first one. It's a large picture, so if it's too big I'll take it down/re size it or whatever


That's the last one for now. That's the logo I did for Steve's World Finals on Sunday.

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RKM    2,378

That's actually a replica of one of the trucks that runs in his league. It's called Killer Bunny. I just did that to see if I could.

Thunder Bunny would have been SO much better...

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Roach    2,796

btw in the first RC thunder jam photoshop, is that Steve Parry's Rambo RC in there?

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PM Customs    496

Here's one I did up just now using a modern Digger 1 I did for MTM2 recently. Don't flame me because it's MTM2 and this is a RoR board, just thought it would be cool to post.


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