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Casey Graves

Event #4 -- Orlando, FL -- Citrus Bowl

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Casey Graves    1,251

This is a simple Vegas-style track with a bit of a twist, after you go by the finish line you will take a u-turn around the van stack and come back to the finish line. Nothing else is new in the rules or anything special for freestyle, hope to see you all Sunday evening.

Qualifying -

  1. Grave Digger - 23.87
  2. Gunslinger - 24.03
  3. Max D - 24.97
  4. Grinder 25.47
  5. Tropical Thunder 25.47
  6. Bounty Hunter - 25.51
  7. Bad News Travels Fast - 25.93
  8. Captains Curse - 26.86
  9. Avenger - 26.91
  10. Jurasic attack - 27.49
  11. Airforce Afterburner - 28.45
  12. Bigfoot - 28.84
  13. Spiderman - 38.58
  14. Nitro Circus - 39.73

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SilverWolf    196

now that i think about it im positive it will be. the tracks normally are released the friday before every sunday event. since as far as i know the event is still on itll be released. you just have to be patient.

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RKM    2,378

Thread cleaned up from the 7 posts asking for a download link... track will be released when it's done (my guess is sometime tonight to kick off qualifying) due to the Euro league being 2 weeks behind now it's no longer going to be the debut league for new tracks that will now be the main league.

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