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RockCrwlr    5,051

I've been making some crawlers lately. Here's a bronco truggy that i built from scratch. body came out great and looks great ingame.


And here's a toyota that I'm making (front clip is Box5s)


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SealedGecko    451

I hope you finish that one with the green rims. Is it a mud racer?

It's a formula off road jeep, they do hill climbs and hydroplane mostly but it would work really good as a mud racer.

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Bobamatic    430

Awesome. I plan on dong the Mud Patrol chassis as my first vehicle. I figure a lot of mud racers used that design so I'll do the Mud Patrols first and then others like Intruder, Super Trooper and any others that have that same look. That's a little while down the road though.

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crazyman444    1,336

Well i guess i post some way old old stuff of mine, like many here i started in sketch up before moving to blender and these were some of my creations. Maybe some day ill go back and renew them.

Made the roll cage, firewall, and stripped the truck of some mesh to convert it to a off roader. First thing model wise i have done.


Pretty much my first chassis i ever built, plus the firewall, body, mounts for various things, trailing arms, switches, and i think the shifter. Working on converting this to ror just moving the chassis and body to blender.


And my first sractch built vehicle, i just when random and this is what came out.


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