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Patriotic Canadian

photography thread?

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Thought I'd give this a little bump and share a few of my favorite pix I've taken.






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Fun with the desert!






>be laying irrigation piping after spending two days clearing six kilometre long water ditch

>All done after three days of work

>"Let's call it a day"

>look to right

>see that

>just as the lazy "Ch-ch-ch" of the sprinkler testing comes round, realize you're standing in a waist deep medow at sunset at a perfect temperature

>sit down

>life is nice

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Not my photo or work, just found this during class whilst surfing Google images on my phone.

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Had a nice storm come through tonight and I took a few pix but finally got the one I've been after for a while. Only editing done to this photo was slightly bumping up the blackness and adding a light vignette to it. Enjoy. :D


(Photo Credit: Justin Morris 2012, All Rights Reserved)

If any of you are photo savvy and wanna try this during a storm, here's the settings I used:

Mode: Bulb


ISO: 100

Remote and tripod.

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