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Tom P.

What Instrument Do You Play?

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I play trombone, I have 2 which I own and 1 that I rent. 

The first 2 are basic tenor trombones, they are what you would normally see. I use them for marching bands, since the weather will usually affect these ones heavier.

The last one is a tenor trombone with an F attachment (The attachment has a trigger which eliminates the need to reach the slide out farther for the notes that can only be played when the slide is pushed out further. The attachment makes notes played in positions easiest to reach for sound like notes that are out farther). 

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6 minutes ago, Skyliner849 said:


1 minute ago, Max-D Is The Best said:


You kids clearly have no idea what they were talking about, gtfo.

Anyway I got my Casio CTK-2400 synth for Christmas. Other than that I have an Oscar-Shmidt acoustic guitar (trying to get a Fender Stratocaster electric for cheap) and a GP marching snare. Trying to play the full drum set but we have no money and I only play at school.


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i play the clarinet in music class, but i suck at it and i wish i could play the drums. i always wanted a drum kit

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