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Casey Graves

Event #10 -- Jacksonville, FL -- EverBank Field

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If you didn't see already I replaced El Paso with Jacksonville. We will be running the infamous backflip track layout from last year. The race shouldn't go as late at Houston, just had some minor hiccups with the broadcast but after we got it straightened out everything went smoothly. Guys hanging around 12th your gonna need to step your game up so you dont have to rely on your qual time to get you into Vegas.



Grave Digger -- 14.81

Bounty Hunter -- 14.90

Maximum Destruction -- 15.11

Suzuki -- 15.19

Spiderman -- 15.25

Shock Therapy -- 15.36

Excaliber -- 15.42

Avenger -- 15.46

Monster Mutt -- 15.82

Air Force Afterburner -- 15.89

Gunslinger -- 16.05

Raminator -- 16.67

Bigfoot -- 16.77

Taz -- 17.22

Jurassic Attack -- 17.28

Iron Outlaw -- 17.61

Executioner -- 18.74

e3 Bigfoot -- 19.88

King Krunch -- 19.94

Tropical Thunder -- 21.53

Predator -- 22.79

Stabilizer -- 23.44

MM Dalmatian -- DNF

--Round 1--

#1 Grave Digger Bye Run

#13 Bigfoot def #12 Raminator

#6 Spiderman def #20 Tropical Thunder

#8 Avenger def #17 Executioner (Grinder)

#9 Monster Mutt def #16 Iron Outlaw

#4 Suzuki def #21 Predator

#2 Bounty Hunter def #23 MM Dalmatian

#11 Gunslinger def #14 Taz

#6 Shock Therapy def #19 King Krunch

#7 Excaliber def #18 e3 Bigfoot

#10 Air Force Afterburner def #15 Jurassic Attack

#3 Maximum Destruction def #22 Stabilizer

--Round 2--

#1 Grave Digger def #13 Bigfoot

#8 Avenger def #6 Spiderman

#4 Suzuki def #9 Monster Mutt

#2 Bounty Hunter def #11 Gunslinger

#7 Excaliber def #6 Shock Therapy

#10 Air Force Afterburner def #3 Maximum Destruction

--Round 3--

#1 Grave Digger def #8 Avenger

#7 Excaliber def #2 Bounty Hunter

#4 Suzuki def #10 Air Force Afterburner


#1 Grave Digger def #2 Bounty Hunter (FL)

#4 Suzuki def #7 Excaliber


#1 Grave Digger def #4 Suzuki


Gunslinger - 29

Excaliber - 28

El Toro Loco - 25

Maximum Destruction - 24

Avenger - 24

Grinder - 24

Jurassic Attack - 24

Suzuki - 24

Air Force Afterburner - 23

Executioner - 23

MM Dalmatian - 21

Bigfoot - 19

Bounty Hunter - 19

Spiderman - 18

Predator - 18

Monster Mutt - 17

Shock Therapy - 17

e3 Bigfoot - 16

Raminator - 15

Grave Digger - 11

Stabilizer - 11

King Krunch - 9

Iron Outlaw - 8

Tropical Thunder - 6

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I'll probably be able to make it. No promises, but Sunday's are usually free.

Can't wait for Jax!

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black stallion will be there after last weeks disapointin finish

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well, i hope to not suck this weekend.

i've learned that i actually suck with music on, so, with any luck, there should be an improvement this week. can't wait to see the track

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Have fun guys. I personally just can't wait to see the track as i was at the show last year and jaw dropped watching the backflip in person. It'll be interesting to see what they come up with this year since I'll be there. I'll be monitoring my cameras batteries better so they don't die right before another move as good as that backflip haha!

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not going to make world finals?

Im not positive yet cause im working the Indy Monster Jam next weekend and we are coming home that sunday and depending on when qualifing is and when the event starts im not sure if i'll be home in time or not yet... :/

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You're killing me Casey lol, being my last name and all it's Field. I before E.


Went smooth after the first couple races in Houston, can't wait to do it again. Gotta give a lot of credit to Josh and Chris for making the waiting inbetween races/freestyles enjoyable although they took it to far as much as they could lol. I'll be there ready to defend the freestyle win from Houston, should be good.

-EDIT- Also have to work on improving my camera moving, think i got it now tho.

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