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Well just to have some fun lets hear your history what trucks you have driven, accomplishments in them. How your custom truck came a long and the story behind it.


I'll go right ahead and start.


Having had ROR since the 0.35 days and seeing request for monster trucks one day on version 36 box5 answer the call and made some. So thinking nothing of it one day after searching monster truck stuff I came across RORMJ.


Raced in a couple KOTH events one of which was in Bigfoot, later raced in Mopar Magic. Moved to sim monster a little later on and join the season 1 as Gunslinger. Racing was not a great deal for me as I only made the semis the first show and finals the second show against DIG. Lost of course.


After that I only was doing good in freestyle. Tied for the freestyle win in Orlando, and won in Jacksonville. Going into the world finals needing to score decent and had the freestyle championship locked up, but the biggest heart break ever happen rolling 2 hits into the freestyle. Season 2 would not be as forgiving as racing just got worse only ever making it to 2nd rounds and losing. Freestyle i made it to a 3rd place finish again.


Now when it comes to my custom truck Savage X, it came from me owning a Savage X rc truck. The first event for that truck was All monster eve 1. In which the truck became known for the one headlight it had. Considering i forgot to put that in the texture. After that I had plans to run that truck in the custom league, but instead chose to run Keystone Krusher for RKM. Was not a bad choice as racing was a bit better in that truck. Freestyle was about the same.


Savage came back when we raced fall madness 1, fall madness 2, Mayhem in Christmas Village, and Soon to be ran in AME 3. Will also be raced in ROR Outlaws League. Recently after a few funs runs racing has finally shifted in a lucky favor for me. Making it to the finals for 2 straight fun runs. They don't mean much but it was just great to finally make it that far again, as it was since Season 1.


Trucks Driven:

Grave Digger (KOTH)

Savage X (various events)

Gunslinger (SM Season 1 and 2)

Mopar Magic (KOTH)

Bigfoot (KOTH)

Keystone Krusher (Custom Season)

Maximum Destruction (KOTH Summer Series)

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Started off in SPHRA and a few other leagues running a truck called Gexor.


Then I ran a customized King Krunch truck. May have the signature banner someone made for me that I used on Draggers for some time.


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Well, i started off as all new people did in late august 2011. And then, we've all heard the story, i made the mistake(s) that got me banned, and went into a lone silence. For some odd reason, the ban on my isp no longer worked and i could download all the new track and trucks, and i practiced like a maniac with the hope that someday i would be re-instated. In the mean time i ran in dylan's RORBIGDAWGS and did pretty ok there. Althought it isn't the best league, he does have a passion for it. Anyway, in november, i made this account, and you all know the story. The rest is history. So far i've done pretty well in the funruns!


Trucks officially signed up as:

The Big Dump (ORL)

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Grave Digger 19 way back in SPHRA

Snake BItten (can't remember )

War Wizard in Season 2?

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Haven't ran much ROR aside from 3 events SM Season 2 where I had a top qualifier at Detroit, semi-finals in 2 of them.


PPRL Racing Champion in MTM2, Racing Champion in a league that Tim Smith ran, not sure what else I've won too much to count I guess. Won a Halloween Havoc FS event in 2008 that was one of the staple of MTM2 events back then, won a Christmas Mayhem Racing Event late in 2009. Ran CFMTS in MTM2, was co-owner of the final MJM season with Jordan Robson (and Dig also helping), helped RKM with ARL Season 1, etc.


Racing is my thing, I don't really care for freestyle half the time lol.

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I drove many trucks in my time of MTM2. Remembering that far back in time is like trying to look over an entire lifetime. 10 years ago seems so far back in the past.


After I had discovered the MTM2 communities (most notably KC's MTM2 Place), I signed up for Corey (ChillyDog) Davis' MJO (Monster Jam Online) freestyle league as it came to be called. I signed up to run the offline portion. The way the offline portion worked is that you'd do your best 2 min freestyle run on the track for that week. You'd save the replay, and send it to Corey. At the end of the week, results would be posted with full coverage and pictures of who did what during their freestyle run.


Driving Black Smith (freestyle short wheelbase version), at the first offline show in the schedule I scored 29 (out of 30) with a flip and save at the end of my run, and won the first event in my first showing in the first league I ever participated in.


For some shows of the season I was allowed to drive Gunslinger, and swapped back and forth between the two trucks as needed throughout the season. At the end of the season, I lost the title by three points to Robby Haught. Was great fun, and not a bad result to introduce myself into the world of MTM2 leagues.


Next I signed up for Robby Haught's NTNT league. In this league I debuted the first "Hot Shoe" truck. This was the first league where I started participating in the online aspect of the game. I raced on 56k dial up. How I was ever competitive I'll never know. My first showing in online MTM2 league racing resulted in me winning a round one race, only to be stopped by Robby Haught in Round 2. I never did well in this league as again, it was the first league I ever participated in online. Yet, I continued to participate, and honed my craft for future leagues. NTNT went on to deservedly be called "the best MTM2 league".


My first event racing win came in RMJS. I took the win against Cory Schwab at St. Louis 2003, still in Hot Shoe 1.


I contacted Alex (Trans Am) Weber (who at the time ran the Xtreme MTM2 Truck Shop) to assemble and paint a second Hot Shoe truck for me. I called it "Hot Shoe Competition Crusher". The more Alex and I talked and raced, the more we got to know each other. This lead to Alex and I starting Insanity Racing Team as it later came to be called. This also resulted in a wonderful friendship with Alex.


Having Hot Shoe CC I signed up for Josh Rhodes' USIRA league. In this league I had some of my best showings in both racing and freestyle. I had many back to back racing wins and strong showings. The most memorable race for me was at the end of the season at Slickster's World Finals 2. Robby Haught (who had already claimed the overall title) sent me in the right hand lane (left hand turn at the end of the stadium) which I didn't run in all night. However, I won the race. After a few issues that came about, a rerun was agreed upon which saw me win the race for a second time. Again, there was a problem. Another rerun was called which resulted in me winning the race for a third time. After that, both Robby and I had both decided that was enough. Robby swept the entire racing, freestyle, and overall title, with me hot on his heels across the board in second. The racing points showed that I lost by 5 points to Robby. One of my favorite leagues to have participated in.


Sometime after USIRA, Alex had assembled and painted my third Hot Shoe truck, while I upgraded from 56k dial up to cable. With the "Hot Shoe Competition Demolisher" Ford SUV bodied truck completed I raced in Kevin (Suicidal Maniac) Kaffenberger's USMJS league. During a point in the season Alex pulled me out of Hot Shoe and put me in the newly assembled, newly named "Renegade". Reluctant to stray from my Hot Shoe name, I drove Renegade for the rest of the USMJS season. I claimed both the racing, and overall title. My only MTM2 title that I have ever claimed. This was the best showing in any MTM2 league I ever had. I won many events, and doubled down at least once at Slickster's Minneapolis 3-13-04 track which was very well probably the last event/event win for my "Hot Shoe" truck before it was retired.


Trucks driven:

Black Smith.


Hot Shoe 1.

Hot Shoe CC.

Hot Shoe CD.


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I found RoR in the spring of 2010 when on Youtube. I knew I had to get the game. I found RoRMJ and joined that with Mark, who I had befriended from the beginning. Mark and I's first event was in RoRMJ at the Pittsburgh custom Max made. I ran the rest of that series. Then came Sim Monsters in September 2010. I didn't run a Sim Monsters event until Arnhem 2011 KOTH which was after SM S1. I got back into racing full time for S2.


Trucks Driven:

Bob and Tom (RoRMJ S1)

Brutus (Early RoRMJ KOTH events)

Mohawk Warrior (KOTH)

Spitfire(Numerous special events)

Bulldozer (SM S2)


There are more, but I forget them.

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Pretty cool idea for a thread now let's see if I can remember...likely not going to be in the correct order.


Trucks Driven:

Avenger (RORMJ)

Grave Digger (KOTH, first ever driver to be TQ, win racing & freestyle)

Mopar Magic (KOTH, I think I won either racing or freestyle one of the 2 nights at Wildwood but I don't remember for sure)

An Escalade (KOTH)

Black Stallion (KOTH, freestyle win)

General Tire (KOTH, one of the very first KOTH events)

Blue Thunder (KOTH)

Iron Outlaw (KOTH)

Monster Mutt (KOTH, tied freestyle win)

El Toro Loco (KOTH, tied freestyle win)

Backdraft (KOTH, KOTH mini series champion)

Titan (ROR Outlaws season 1)

The Punisher (Custom Season, overall freestyle champion)

Maximum Destruction (Season 1, & 2, freestyle champion of season 1, season 2 personal record of 7 freestyle wins)

Problematic (AME2, ROR Outlaws season 2)

Keystone Krusher (Mayhem in Christmas Village)


That's the ones I can remember driving in actual events with highly competitive racers, and now for a little history of Keystone Krusher, Problematic and The Punisher.


Keystone Krusher


There was one other version, white with brown checkers on the rear similar to the Keystone Beer/Mistress trucks and brings us to the current ROR version.




Has always been a Dodge until ROR where it became a Ford but that may change eventually.


The Punisher has seen many many different variations so here are a few to keep from hogging the thread.








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Couple of my MTM2 trucks used in WMTCS/SPHRA and other leagues


Killing Time (WMTCS/SPHRA, Special Events)



Budweiser 9 (Can't remember)




Then there's too many trucks to list for ROR.

RORMJ: Spike

SM Season 1: Rammunition/Spiderman

SM Season 2: Equalizer

Custom Series Season 1: Road Rebel (Freestyle Champion)

ORL Season 1: Stone Crusher

AME 1: Ironman (custom)

FM 1: Road Rebel

AME 2: Taurus (Freestyle Champion)

FM 2: Gentle Ben 1

Christmas Mayhem 1: Gentle Ben (Freestyle Champion)



Other Winnings:

2009 MTM2Draggers.net Rookie of the Year

MTM2: 3 Racing, 5 Freestyle

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I started back on December 31, 2010 when I saw Liquid's video of Superman at the old WF9. I registered and the first even I ran was KOTH at Hagerstown. I was number 5 in qualifying, The next event I ran was KOTH Arnhem 2011. I ran a bunch of other KOTH's after that. My first season was Season 2 where I drove Michigan Ice Monster. I had my ups and downs through that, but I think I did decent. The greatest win I had was probably against Dig back in S2 at Detroit. Being a rookie and all, that was an awesome moment for me. I got into round 2, beat Mike, but rolled after the line, so Mike got the win. 


Watch This  :P  ;)



Trucks Driven:

Michigan Ice Monster (S2)

Michigan Ice Monster (KOTH)

Avenger (Various KOTH's)

Iron Outlaw (Various KOTH's)

Taz (Various KOTH's)

El Matador (KOTH)

Safe Auto Minimizer (KOTH)

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Started out driving when Liquidfire posted the WF9 freestyle and racing runs. Went ahead and downloaded the squishy trucks and some of Deora's trucks. After that downloaded the first SM pack with my dad's help. A year later, I was on a server and diggerthechamp/Magnus was on. I asked if I could join his league and he said sure. Drove Avenger for RTR season 2. My first event ever in ROR, I won racing over Luke Wierrenga in Batman. Won a lot more events after that including numerous racing and freestyle wins. Went to my first ever WF in the RTR league. Got to the finals where I lost to Mark Colineri (Hate you :P). Won the wheelie and rookie of the year award for that. Then I started Big Dawgs, where I had some wins there. And here I am now, running Outback Thunda in ORL.


In order (I think):


Grave Digger The Legend


Grave Digger

Outback Thunda

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I started in 1nsane, raced airforce afterburner to a racing and freestyle title, and several more after that in trucks such as Maxd, and a few custom trucks. It was then off to mtm2 where I raced bob & tom in just about every league I could, MJM was the one where I got most of my seat time. At the end of MJM there was a league called RORMJ, I signed up with the blacksmith truck and piloted it to a racing win at shakopee over Josh Rhodes in avenger and a overall 4th place points finish. Many forget or dont know that there was some hatred among Sim-monsters vs RoRMJ, I had never touched or looked at Sim monsters till this one particular event. That event was All-Monsters eve I, where if you signed up you got to race. I piloted the then new, and still never released Blacksmith to a mediocre show, losing first round and finishing on the upper end of the mid pack in freestyle. It wasnt till several months later I would download the simmonsters v2 pack. My first sim-monsters event was a KOTH event, the last event ever for v2 trucks. I took the reigns of the hometown truck Lucas Oil Stabilizer and went to the finals at RMR, however Josh took his revenge by beating me. It was then on to season 3 where we had two series the replica and the Custom series. For the replica series I continued to pilot the hometown truck Lucas Oil Stabilizer. In the custom series I piloted the brand new Rockstar Energizer which was known by the engine sounds it used. After season 2 it was time for Allmonsters eve II, this was my first opportunity to release a brand new truck with a whole new design for the upcoming 2012 year, the truck was the Ogio Bagster, which featured a chevy suburban body. I piloted the truck into the second round where I lost against steve harlow, and finished freestyle in the top 6 or 7. The truck has since 3 more updates and is currently being finished to be re released for v4.

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I always changed my truck up so much in mtm2 there is too many to list, if it wasnt one of my custom trucks I was either in a Bigfoot or Bearfoot variant.

for ROR I ran Tropical Thunder once way back in the RORMJ days, I apparently drove Bad Habit in the original SM replica series for two events, Maniac last year in the replica series for a few events, Blown Income in one custom series event and a special event. I think I have like 9-10 events minus the few fun runs I have ran this year (and my Mopar Ram Rob Mac edition for fall madness).


Canadian Crippler on the other hand dates back to mtm2:





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