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Just wondering if anyone plays it. I play with a few other members of this site most of the time. Just wondering if anyone else does. Guess you could share stories too? :P


I killed 3 people for this little run. I only started with one M16, One Sig Sauer P226, Guerilla, and the Helmet, the rest was loot from the bandits.




Actually I was in the back of a post office in Rocky Ford, hear footsteps, go prone, sounds like two sets, guy just out in front of me, he misses every shot, his friend starts weaving back and forth with a shotgun, I figure man this guys sucks, hop up, go take him on with my M16, run around corner, 2 of them, all wearing full armor also, start spraying, ???, Win.


I left 3 sets of armor, 2 AA-12s, and some ammo, I think it was a good hall for 10 minutes of work.


I only left the AA-12s over the Mossbergs is because I have had bad experience with them. Very low range.


Too bad they didn't have anything good... I can get M16s like nothing lol.



I've killed Eric 3 times so far while playing as a team, always fun.

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Me and my friends have been playing WarZ/Infestation for the past year or so, on and off. Playing Rust lately but Infestation is always fun. My Steam ID is: imComatose   Just shoot me a message and I'll go on.

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