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Sign-Ups (Open January 13th at 6:00 PM EST)

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Sign-ups will open on Sunday, January 13th at 6:00 PM EST.


Remember that we will be doing a booking procedure this year, it is preferred you book your truck with a teammate as a 2 truck team. As a reward for a 2 truck team, the team with the most points will get a $10 bonus.


Here are the guys that can pick their truck right now as past champions of the league, send me a private message if you want to claim an old truck right now or sign-up with a new one. You have to message me before sign-ups open to everyone, and if you don't claim a truck before sign-ups open to everyone else, then your truck will be free game & you have to sign-up like everyone else.


First Choice for Sign-Ups

Auz Grams -  ran Rockstar

Travis Sewilo - ran Shock Therapy

Dave Collard (Probably not running, but on the list) - ran Black Stallion

Tim Smith - ran Bigfoot Bad Boy

Josh Rhodes - ran Equalizer

Robbie Milburn - ran Ghost Ryder



Driver's Name (Real Life):


Once again, if a truck like Bigfoot is open, and you are new to ROR or leagues, it is recommended you do not sign-up in Bigfoot or other big name trucks. I have kept the thread open for questions and other things, but sign-ups will not be accepted until the announced time.

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Posting Travis' sign-up since he's at work.


Name: Travis Sewilo

Driver's Name (Real Life): Larry Swim
Truck: Bigfoot #19
AIM: Sewilo Racing

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Cleaned up the thread as official sign-ups will open in about 30 minutes, here is a full list of FELD trucks, which we do not run in this league along with customs.


AAP Grinder
Air Force After Burner
Backwards Bob
Blue Thunder
Captain America
Captain's Curse
El Toro Loco
Grave Digger
Hot Wheels Firestorm
Lucas Oil Crusader
Maximum Destruction
Metal Mulisha
Mohawk Warrior
Monster Energy
Monster Mutt's
Nitro Circus
Northern Nightmare
Pastrana 199
Safe Auto Minimizer
Sonuva Digger
Spitfire/Dragons Breath
Tasmanian Devil/Taz
Team Suzuki
these are not made but if they happen to be:
Disney XD
Scooby Doo
Topic will be locked and opened at 6:00 PM EST.

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Name: Ikneada Bonkits
Driver's Name (Real Life):Kevin Post
Truck:California Kid
AIM: youknowit

Name: Micheal Murray

Driver's Name (Real Life): Bill 4 minute wheelie run Payne
Truck: Rockstar

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Name: Danny Mackey
Driver's Name (Real Life): Chris Bergeron
Truck: Brutus
AIM: danny.mackey


Danny asked me to sign-up for him as he isn't around.


Also, since Mark will be my teammate, I'm signing up for him.


Name: Mark Colineri
Driver's Name (Real Life): Jimmy Creten
Truck: Bounty Hunter
AIM: MAColineri

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Name: Tyler May

Driver's Name (Real Life): JR McNeal

Truck: Razin Kane

AIM: tylinater


Name: Beau Smith

Driver's Name (Real Life): T.J. Tripp
Truck: Ice Cream Man
AIM: beau_2003@hotmail.com

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