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How the hell did I forget this one?


One of my favorite games I never play, and mostly for the little bit before the title screen. (yes, I am VERY immature for my age) Still, if you're a fan of EWJ, I highly recommend the HD remake available through XBox live. Very nice remake of the game, plus I can actually tell what I'm doing!

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As far as N64 games, some I remember well include Goldeneye, Legend of Zelda: Orcarina of Time, Mario Kart 64, Super Mario 64, the THPS games, Top Gear Rally, the San Francisco Rush series, Vigilante 8, and Banjo-Kazooie. I also enjoyed the Mission: Impossible game when I was younger.


For PC, I mainly played  MTM1 (didn't get MTM2 until 2000 or 2001). I also played a fair bit of MYST, and some other games I can't quite remember now.


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I see a thread about retro games and get excited, then I see a bunch of N64 stuff and think.... I FEEL OLD...

I started here

 and I'll give 5 points to anyone on here who knows how to use an intellivision controller...

you guys seem to have missed the epic greatness of RC PRO AM II on NES or Super Stunt Race FX on SNES


you probably have no clue how hard of a game "Race Drivin" or its clone "Hard Drivin" was to play even in the arcade (wich was the first machine to have a functioning clutch)


I grew up playing games like Street Rod on PC  then when the time came MTM, Soda Offroad, INdycar Racing, MTM2, DTR, Leadfoot....


now I'm in a nostalgia hole....
GOOD THING MY NES STILL WORKS (and yes it is hooked up)

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How has no one mentiond this yet?

I used to play this for hours when I was little. Never missed a single duck either. Sucks I can't play it now, as the light-guns don't work with flat-panel or HD tvs. :(


anyone heard of the level 100 glitch?


Just recently got into these games too.

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