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Sim Monsters

Week 2 - (2/28/13) - Ozark Empire Fairgrounds - Springfield, MO

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Event Director: Travis Sewilo

Officials: Robbie Milburn



** 1 Show Event **




CFMTS goes onto it's 2nd week of it's Spring Tour, after great events in Chico, Redmond, & Reno. This week, we move onto Springfield, MO. CFMTS officials have mustered up a very unique race course, along with a strong field of trucks with a bunch of newcomers to the series. All of the action will take place on Thursday, February 28th!


Featuring 8 CFMTS monster trucks including: BIGFOOT #19 (driven by Larry Swim), Avenger (driven by Jim Koehler), Captain USA (driven by Travis Groth), Double Trouble (driven by Tyler Groth), War Wizard (driven by Randy Moore), The Patriot (driven by Dan Rodoni), Amsoil Shock Therapy (driven by Dave Radzierez), Ground Pounder (driven by Steven Hill).


Introduction Rules:

- Introductions will be done via AIM chat. Trucks will be announced individually.


Qualifying/Racing Rules:

- Course: Head-to-head "S" style course (Course Map)

- +5 for 1-tiring ramps.
- No penalty for hitting any of the cars unless you cut them in which it is is a DNF.
- Missing a ramp will result in a DNF.
- RII for wall hits, hitting other trucks, erratic driving.


Freestyle Rules:

- 90 second freestyles.

- Realistic freestyles, RII will be used for wall hits, hitting into other trucks that are parked, unrealistic moves will also be given an RII.

- 3 judges, 1-10 scoring system.

- Tiebreakers will be decided by an officials vote.


General Rules:

- Shut off your truck after every pass on the course please.

- This is a 1 show event.


CFMTS Schedule of Events:

9:15 PM EST - Chat Start / Pit Party / Drivers Meeting

9:35 PM EST - Introductions

9:45 PM EST - Qualifying

10:05 PM EST - Racing

10:30 PM EST - Intermission

10:40 PM EST - Freestyle

11:15 PM EST - End of Show

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Event will kick off at 9:15 PM EST... all drivers must be in AIM chat by 9:45 PM EST or fill-ins will be used. Message sewiloracing or MTM2Dominator on AIM for a chat invite at 9:15.


Also, here is the course map for the event. Basically, start out at the beginning of the dirt on the carset, make a right turn, hit cars, then turn left, hit cars, finished.



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I'll probably be getting in after 9:15 depending on what time I get home tonight. I should be able to make it before 9:45 though.

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Chat will be up in a little more than 30 minutes! Message MTM2Dominator on AIM around 9:15 PM EST for a chat invite!

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I'm available to run if there are spots that need to be filled.

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Springfield, MO was treated to a great event tonight at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds! 8 big bad CFMTS monster trucks took to the course for qualifying, racing, and freestyle... here are your results!


Top Qualifier - The Patriot with a 15.10
Racing - The Patriot defeats Ground Pounder in the finals
Freestyle - Avenger with a 27, Ground Pounder finishes 2nd with a 26.


See you tomorrow with 2 big events in Mount Pleasant, MI & Gaithersburg, MD! Full results from Springfield, & last week will be posted in full tomorrow.

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