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Week 3 - (3/8/13) - ISU Holt Arena - Pocatello, ID

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Great show tonight in Pocatello! 9 of the biggest and baddest monster trucks headed to the Holt Arena to go to war in a battle of racing and freestyle. Our top qualifier of the night would be a huge surprise as Chrissy Moler, in XXX would be the number 1 seed for racing. Many close races came in the 1st round with Stone Crusher and Aftershock, and Brutus vs. Mountaineer. But the action would pick up in the finals with Brutus and Predator with Predator eaking out the win by less than half a truck. The freestyle winner tonight would be a complete shocker after a tiebreaker between Excaliber and Bad News Travels Fast. But Brandon Derrow and Bad News Travels Fast would be steal the win tonight that nobody could've expected!





5. Krazy Train - 11.078
6. Aftershock - 11.328
3. Stone Crusher - 10.470
Excaliber - 10.251 *OUT FOR RACING*
8. Bad News Travels Fast - 11.698
4. Predator - 10.746
7. Mountaineer - 11.494
1. XXX - 09.960
2. Brutus - 10.185
Round 1:
Predator VS. Krazy Train - WINNER: Predator
Stone Crusher VS. Aftershock - WINNER: Stone Crusher
Brutus VS. Mountaineer - WINNER: Brutus
XXX VS. Predator - WINNER: Predator
Brutus VS. Stone Crusher - WINNER: Brutus
Brutus VS. Predator - WINNER: Predator
Aftershock - 14
Predator - 20
Krazy Train - 17
XXX - 10
Mountaineer - 23
Brutus - 25
Stone Crusher - 25 - 3RD
Bad News Travels Fast - 26 *WINNER*
Excaliber - 26 - 2ND

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Still quite shocked I won freestyle last night. Not only that but I won the tie breaker against Josh. Even without that awesome event guys! Can't wait for Englishtown!

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