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Though I am sure the answer is yes, are there any other musicians on here? I am a drummer, and I play in a band. Does anyone else on here play any instruments as a hobby, career/band, and it would be interesting to see what instruments/equipment you use. I will post a pic of my drum set on here as soon as I learn how. (Anyone want to tell me how?)

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im starting to get into drumming myself.. i mean i have always been into drumming, but im starting to get serious with it now (taking lessons and all that fun stuff)

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I wrote songs for a friend's band once, but as is usual for such things, they told me they didn't want to help me flesh out the music for them because they wanted to write love songs for teenaged girls


oh well, have a really pooty draft from ages ago


Every Single Story


Standing on a mountain top

A sudden gist of brittle mortality

Watching a bleeding man’s heart stop

So why keep the pretences of morality


Striding through the mountain’s foil

A golden fawn, prodding at the thin mortal coil

The weary doe gleaming at her progeny

Thoughts of the ambiguousness of the word enemy


If every single story, that ever was told

Is of people going grey, and slowly turning old

Watching the ceiling, at our forming mould.

And seeing the reaper, standing in the cold


The only test that ever was, a thin

Brittle knowledge of the people’s true king

So see the reaper, feet on a stool made of fear

Invite the bastard in, offer him some cognac and beer


A tired and vilified creature, so frail and crass

The golden palace shudders, the noise of a thousand summers past

He finds his brevet lament, a shired epitaph

And he sees his son, a cruel creature never to laugh


Two loose kin falling to the sky

The sentient sprawl never ask why

And if the halcyon days see fit

I’ll be bestowed with a calloused wit


And if we just stay the course

Keep our hands on the raft

One wreck later I’ll be left with a handsome craft


And every day, I spend in the park

A fragile feel, tempered by the howling dark

And if every single story, is a story about growing old

Christ knows, it’s a story better left untold



Again, really rough draft. Most of the things i write were just done at 3AM on a laptop in a single burst, never given a second thought




This one was supposed to be sung similar to Elbow's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Scz4hf4vhVc. Not really sure why i keep coming back to the White/Black knight concept. I guess i really like playing with the idea of the black knight, or the 'bad guy' being a decent person at heart, driven to indecency by circumstance, and the white knight tired of his own righteousness to the point of cognitive dissonance


Shotgun Politics



Ooh, There’s been hollin’ at the dead men, a crown on widows head

A shotugn’s passed around, the white knight’s seein’ red.



They say there’s bangin’ at the front door, the taxmen run on spite.

No blinkin’ no revulsion, no rest or relentin’ on the quest to see who’s right.


They say there’s a line of the angry, marchin’ up for the suits.

The stiffbacks indifferent, ignorin’ the sword of Scottish roots.


There’s honesty in the backroom, the bitter eyed turnin’ offended.

Shady poker the surest thing you’ll find, the black hearted endangered.


They say if they die happy, it’s because his brother bled out first.

I’m brandishin’ my shotgun, this’ll hardly be the worst.


Now the bridges are collapsin’, only good news in a bad noose.

No thinkin’ or restin’, the new way rolls through, the winners makin’ sure there never was a loser.


If they say history remembers the winner, then I say we’ll never be seen.

A hateful black knight, fightin’ to save the three he loves, a pearl dent in a daunting matte sheen.


The tribes’ll run round, fighting for a muffler god.

The shotguns sing two tunes, and you’re a little dead you lovein’ sod.


A paltry weight and a heavy gait, the dead mans stare burnin’ light.

A tired man’s dead, marchin’ through a desert night.


Little old lady with an MP48, husband’s name engraved on the stock.

Father’s a sinner shan’t have dinner, the little boys balk, instinctive hate minglin’ their talk..


Shotgun politics bite once more, and y’shant have me you credulous little nice ladys.


And what’ve we got after a thosand paltry wars, a million little scars and shotgun politics once more.





And what the hell, one more for the posterity.


Morning Shine


And in this evenin’s glass of wine

I see tomorrow mornin’s shine.


Well I don’t really like that.

Off to the nine to five in a sensible hat


Don’t you want to walk on rich grass

With your worse half, so adorably crass.


Don’t you want a stable of cars

And go so far as to call it ou-


Well I take my outed hat

And I ain’t havin’ none of that.


I set my sights on tomorrow’s shine

And I take it with a stout glass of wine.


The wild in your shoulder

It ain’t hidin’ as you grow older


So come and ride

don’t you run and hide


come and take a swig of barbon

if it’ll help you carry on.


So take a trip down a foggy road

Leave the familiar and the old


No need for conservative deeds

Smoke your tires and ignore their needs


Society expects you to prepare tomorrow’s game

And just between us, it’s your dragon slain.


The idea of throwin’ in your own head

So that tomorrow’s man may never dread


By my eye, it’s a flawed plan

It’s always you, dyin’ for tomorrow’s man


And then, as you guess

It’s his turn, to take in the guests


So don’t you want to fly away

And let others decide tomorrow’s day


So come drive away

Let them say what they say



Using cars and highways as a metaphor for life?



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Imma drummer i have played in a band this was two years ago.Yes i know im standing up its what i used to do.

My dad is the sax play closest to the camera:



And Here is a good shot of my newer drums. Gretsch Energy Brushed Steel Skin.


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Cool seeing all this feed back! I spend a lot of time with my band Kadyium, working in the studio, or playing shows, and all the other business we do, so I am not on here much, but I do play a Pearl Forum (2005) Custom. I would love to see you guys play, whther it be covers or in bands, music is music, and I love to see your creativity outside of Sim-Monsters. Here are a few links to my band's videos...


Check us out on Reverbmation listen to "My Boy" and "Beyond My Wire" as well as read our Bio...


This is our cover of "Breed" by Nirvana. Before you ask about the fire, our video production team is kinda out there lol

This is "Battle Cry" (our most popular song) sung by yours trul<-- It was very cold, and the sound isn't perfect, and our lights tech wondered off, so the lights change ALOT

(don't watch if you have epilepsy, or have eptileptic seizures)

This one is at the jam space (no audience) It's an older one called "I Have A Drinking Problem" with "Dark Dreams" tagged on the end

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I play drums for Metallica.

I r such a big fan! I can gaz autograph? Lol,

Now for an on-topic post, i play rhythem guitar and sing for my band Exempt. We're basicly justa bunch of teenagers screwing around all the time so, hou get the picture.

As for my equipment, I play an ESP LTD MH-1000 through a Boss DS-1 distortion pedal, and it all comes out a Peavy Vyper 30 watt amp.

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