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Sim Monsters

Week 3 - (3/8/13) - Washington County Fair - Washington, PA

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NOTES - This thread will be updated with introductions, promotional information, among other information tomorrow night. 


Event Director: Travis Sewilo

Officials: TBA


** 2 Show Event **




Featuring 6 CFMTS monster trucks including: BIGFOOT#19, Rockstar, California Kid, Virginia Giant, Eradicator, and Backdraft!


Qualifying/Racing Rules:

- Will run single truck qualifying.

- Course: 2 hit, straight line drag.

- +5 for 1-tiring ramps.

- Missing a ramp will result in a DNF.
- RII for wall hits, hitting other trucks, erratic driving.


Freestyle Rules:

- 90 second freestyles.

- Realistic freestyles, RII will be used for wall hits, hitting into other trucks that are parked, unrealistic moves will also be given an RII.

- 3 judges, 1-10 scoring system.

- Tiebreakers will be decided by an officials vote.


General Rules:

- Shut off your truck after every pass on the course please.

- This is a 2 show event.


CFMTS Schedule of Events:

9:15 PM EST - Pit Party / Chat Start

9:30 PM EST - Drivers Meeting / Field Locks-In

9:40 PM EST - Introductions

9:50 PM EST - Show #1 (All Trucks In-Game)

10:30 PM EST - End of Show #1

10:40 PM EST - Show #2 (All Trucks In-Game)

11:15 PM EST - End of Show #2

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Times updated. Travis told me that things will be starting at 9:15 PM EST. All trucks will most likely be in-game with it only being 6 trucks.

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The even may be postponed to tomorrow night due to having company over, it is looking very likely at this point. I will give the final word around the time chat would be up. Hope you guys can still make it. Thanks! 

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