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IDS Announcements 3/4/13

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Hello everyone,


I thought it'd be good to give everyone an update on how things are going, as well as some changes coming into the 2013 IDS year.


The website is almost done! I just finished up the bracket system tonight and it's looking sick. I will post a video some day showcasing the behind-the-scenes stuff of the bracket system, qualifying system, and whatnot.


In order to move the first season along without hiccups, the following two features of the league have been removed:


1. Weekly Recap Videos will no longer happen. This is because I do not want to have to force 2 people to spend the entire night being videographers, especially since the quality control on that is difficult. I also do not feel I will have the time to accomplish this during the Spring/Summer season.


2. Timing of every race. The bracket system was becoming far too difficult when you couldn't just select a winner and move on. Having to enter times for each and every driver on each and every race was becoming too much of a pain to code, so I decided to do away with it. It'll also make race nights run smoother anyways.


I think these changes are acceptable in order to proceed through the season without any hiccups without proving detrimental to the overall experience of the league.



Also, I would like to announce that there will be no official summer season this year. Because we are getting off to such a late start now, the Spring season is now the Spring/Summer season. This does mean we get a longer break between Summer and Fall, but that also means more time to develop new features and innovations!


As of right now, the projected start date is March 28th with a preseason event either on the 14th or 21st. I will be keeping everyone updated here just as soon as I know more!

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